Case studies from nine countries

Across the two days e-Governance Conference, nine country case studies presentation will take place in the three tracks: Actions, Vision and e-Estonia track.

Countries from different parts of the world are going to share their digital transformation experience with the 400+ participants of the conference. Apart from the country host Estonia, country case studies are expected Ā from other 9 countries namely Canada, Finland, Faeroe Island, Georgia, Japan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Ukraine.

On the first day of the conference, Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT and Innovation of Rwanda and Prof Shauneen Furlong, from University of Ottawa will share the digital transformation and roadmaps of the two countries and they will also discuss how to manage the complexity of digital transformation based on countries examples.

Speakers from EstoniaĀ  will share the new e-governance strategy, internet voting, e-health. They will also share how cyber security can be embedded in digital transformation and the city of Tallinn will present its roadmap to process automation and e-services.

Moreover, for the benefits of the cooperation between small countries like Oceanian and Pacific countries, a special session is dedicated on the first day.

On the second day of the conference,Ā Nicolai Mohr BalleĀ from Faroe Island, a country with population of 30Ā 000 will share its experience in implementing basic components of e-government architecture with an insight on challenges faced by small countries.

Japan and Finland represented respectively by Tak Nagumo, from Mitsubishi UFH Research and Consulting and Marko Turpeinen from EIT Digital Finland will discuss around two topics ā€œDigital Transformation Driven by Citiesā€ andĀ  ā€œSuper Cities Change Digital Services Landscapeā€ based on the case studies of the two countries.

e-Governance Academy (eGA), the host of the conference will present examples from two Eastern Partnership Countries- Georgia and Ukraine. The presentation on how Ukraine is making public service delivery more efficient will be made by Mari Pedak from eGA and Volodymyr Bondarenko, State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Lessons learnt from the implementation Participatory Budgeting in Georgian cities will be Ā presented by Ā Kristina Reinsalu, Programme Director of e-Democracy.